About Us


We are a research oriented firm and have a modern R&D laboratory with manufacturing facilities of hot & cold set resins/polymers and their composites. We have developed composite materials for doors, panels and door frames (choghats) which has extensive use in industrial as well as in household applications. It can virtually replace wood and steel in the formation of doors and panels.

To manufacture doors ‘Polymeric Hard Composite’ foam, fiberglass and polymers are cold welded to make a material of outstanding properties and performance. In developed countries these composites have been used for several years.


  • Excellent dimensional stability

    In dry or wet weather there will be hardly any shrinkage or expansion of the door panels. The inner and outer

    joints are not visible; they are made using hydraulic system and special resins.

  • Stable to ultraviolet & infrared rays

    The stability of door panels and frames was checked by exposing them to direct sunlight, heat and rain for four

    years. No change in the colour or any failure in the material was observed, proving that they are very stable.

  • Durability

    These doors are immune to any bacterial growth, fungi, pest and notably to termite attack. They are washable

    with mild detergents to their original appearance. These characteristics are of lifelong durability.

  • Colour choice

    A variety of colours are available e.g. White, Off-white, Blue, Yellow, Ivory, Pink or any other shade can be

    produced by our skilled professionals, as per choice of the customer.

  • Silky touch

    The appearance of the nal product is smooth, silky and everlasting.

  • Doorframes (choghats)

    We design and fabricate berglass doorframes (choghats) of any size with excellent physical properties.

    We also x doors with steel-frames, which are already installed during the construction of buildings.

    Our technicians x doors on site at nominal charges.